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We do more than install wires and plugs. We look at the big picture so you get the most cost-effective, efficient and future-ready EV charging solution.

EV Chargers plus

Looking to install a new EV charger or upgrade your existing one? Whether installed in conjunction with a home solar energy system or as a standalone device, we work with you to determine and install the best EV charger for your current and future needs.

EV Charging O'Donnell Solar Co

charge your ev with sunshine

When installed with a home solar system, you can charge your EV with solar energy produced right on your premises! 

And since home solar systems generally produce electricity at a lower cost than your utility, you can reduce your “fuel” cost by charging your EV with electricity produced by your home solar system.

In addition to lowering your driving costs, here’s why it makes sense to combine home solar with EV charging:

  1. Protect against rising electricity costs by locking in your electricity cost with home solar.  
  2. Have your home solar system designed to power both your home and a current or future EV.
  3. During a home solar installation, your home’s electrical system is already being prepared for solar – adding EV charging is simple. 
  4. Simplify your life with a single project that delivers both solar and EV charging. 

Why work with us

Tomorrow's EV solutions today

Electricity and electric vehicles are rapidly developing. We use the best available technology today, but we also consider the future when we design and install your system. When the latest and greatest arrives, you’ll be ready.

Customized solutions

Looking for a cost effective and efficient solution to charge your EV? We work with you to understand your needs and goals, analyze your options and customize an EV charging solution that will serve your needs.

Simplify your project

Thinking about fueling your EV with solar energy? Pair your EV with a home energy storage system? O’Donnell Solar is your one-stop-shop for all things clean energy. Simplify your project, get quality results and never worry about finger-pointing.  

Our Process

A house with solar panels on the roof, equipped with EV charging capabilities.

---- STEP #1

Evaluate & design

We evaluate your home’s electrical system, your current or future EV and its charging needs, then configure a system for you. 

---- STEP #2


We apply for permits, install your system and schedule a final inspection.

An Electric Vehicle (EV) plugged into an EV Charging station.
Electric Vehicle Home Solar Charging

---- STEP #3

Be ready for the future

Bi-directional charging is right on the horizon. When it’s ready, we’ll let you know.

Considering home solar, but not sure about an EV yet?

Ask us how we can future-proof your home’s electrical system and avoid costly upgrades in the future when you’re ready to add an EV.

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