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Since 1924, O'Donnell Roofing Co. has handled every type of roofing and siding system. With with honest prices and expert craftmanship, we keep you protected for decades.

Protect your investment with an exceptional new roofing system that lasts for decades.
Leave the roofing to us. Our fast and reliable services won’t disrupt your business.
Siding is the #1 influence on your curb appeal. Let your personality shine, all while keeping you safe.
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A good roof is the foundation for home solar

Here’s why roofing is so important when it comes to solar: 

  1. If you’re considering solar, make sure that your roof is in good shape first. With solar panels warranted for 25 years, your roof will need to last at least that long or you’ll spend thousands of dollars to remove your solar system if you need to replace your roof or fix a roof leak. 

  2. With dozens or even hundreds of attachment points that penetrate your roof, make sure your solar contractor is familiar with roofing systems and waterproofing techniques to keep your roof in good shape.

  3. Needing to replace your roof before you install a home solar system can be an unexpected expense. The bright side is that in many cases, your savings from solar will cover the cost of your new roof. 

  4. When you use a single contractor for both your roof and solar, you’ll have a single source of warranties for both the roof and solar installation and you’ll avoid finger pointing if there’s an issue. 

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